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Individual online Japanese language courses offer personalized instruction, tailored to your specific needs and schedule. This one-on-one approach ensures focused learning, quicker progress, and the flexibility to adapt the course to your unique goals and preferences.

Learn at your own pace and start using Japanese Language today.

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Start at any level, either being a total beginner or already skilled in the Japanese Language in need of a brush up. 

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What Do Our Students Say About Us?


Ana, 45 years of age

I just love the way my teacher explains the grammar and finds way for me to memorise the vords in Japanese faster. Learning at Genki center is one the best hobbies I have ever chosen for myself. I hardly wait for my weekly sessions. I highly recommend it. 

Peter, 63 yers of age

I always wanted to learn Japanese, but when I was still working and had young daughters, I couldn’t find time. Now, that I am retired, I enjoy spending my time learning something so fascinating. I though learning kanji would be a great challenge, however with the approach I learned here, I find it very insightful not only in Japanese language, but also culture.

Ben, 39 years of age

I use Japanese language for my business purposes. That is why I decided to start learning it intensively. Luckily I found Genki center and their amazing teachers who helped me speed up in learning the language and also the Japanese business ethiquette. My teacher is a great support to me on my professional path and I find her an essencial part of weekly work rutine. 

Kaya, 23 years of age

I love Japanese drama, and want to learn Japanese language so that I can watch it without subtitles. Relaxed lessons I have with my teacher every week helps me to understand it much faster. It is really fun to learn Japanese and I really recommend it. 

Lora, 26 years of age

I have studied Japanese language at the university, however the pace there was very fast and hard to understand. That is why I turned to Genki center, as they offer a great support additionaly to the university classes. Also, I have  a chance to speak to my own teacher in each session, really practicing the language and this way have a feeling I progress faster.  This helps me get better grades and am more confident in using Japanese in a daily basis.