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Unlock the World of Japanese Language with Our 4-Lesson Course!

Ready to embark on a journey of linguistic discovery? Whether you’re a complete novice or a seasoned language enthusiast, our 4-lesson Japanese Language course is your ticket to language mastery.

Select your preferred learning level, choose the day that suits your schedule, and join us on a path to linguistic excellence. The captivating world of Japanese language and culture awaits you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore and expand your horizons with our engaging, convenient, and fun Japanese Language course!

Sign up today and say “Konnichiwa” to a new adventure!

What You'll Get:

Perfect for Beginners & Refreshers!

Our 4-lesson course is designed to be your “try me out” experience at the Genki Center. If you’re new to our learning packages, it’s the ideal way to start your journey. And if you’re brushing up on your Japanese skills, this course provides a quick and effective refresher.

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Dive Deeper with Our 12-Lesson Japanese Language Course!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Japanese language? Our 12-lesson course is designed to offer you a comprehensive and enriching experience, perfect for learners of all levels.

Choose your desired learning level, match your schedule, and embark on an extended journey of linguistic excellence. Japanese language and culture are waiting to be explored, and our 12-lesson course is your bridge to this captivating world.

Don’t miss out on this chance to enhance your language skills and expand your horizons!

Sign up today and say “Hajimemashite” to an enriching adventure!

What You'll Get:

Perfect for learners looking for a more comprehensive language journey.

It offers a cost-effective option with a reduced price per session compared to the 4-lesson course. Plus, it’s ideal for those who appreciate flexibility and may want to take a breather between courses.

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Embark on an Immersive Japanese Language Journey with Our 48-Lesson Course!

If you’re a dedicated language enthusiast seeking to master Japanese, our 48-lesson course is tailor-made for you. This comprehensive program is perfect for learners who are ready to fully commit to a deep dive into the language, culture, and opportunities that Japanese offers.

Select your preferred learning level, match your schedule, and embark on an extended journey of linguistic excellence. The world of Japanese language and culture awaits you, and our 48-lesson course is your bridge to this captivating adventure.

Don’t miss this chance to transform your linguistic abilities and expand your horizons in an exciting and comprehensive way!

What You'll Get:

This course is designed for the most committed students who are eager to fully dedicate their time to master the Japanese language.

It’s not only the most cost-effective option but also ideal for long-term learning.

With 48 lessons at your disposal, you can delve deep into the language, culture, and intricacies of Japanese.

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What Do Our Students Say About Us?


Ana, 45 years of age

I just love the way my teacher explains the grammar and finds way for me to memorise the vords in Japanese faster. Learning at Genki center is one the best hobbies I have ever chosen for myself. I hardly wait for my weekly sessions. I highly recommend it. 

Peter, 63 yers of age

I always wanted to learn Japanese, but when I was still working and had young daughters, I couldn’t find time. Now, that I am retired, I enjoy spending my time learning something so fascinating. I though learning kanji would be a great challenge, however with the approach I learned here, I find it very insightful not only in Japanese language, but also culture.

Ben, 39 years of age

I use Japanese language for my business purposes. That is why I decided to start learning it intensively. Luckily I found Genki center and their amazing teachers who helped me speed up in learning the language and also the Japanese business ethiquette. My teacher is a great support to me on my professional path and I find her an essencial part of weekly work rutine. 

Kaya, 23 years of age

I love Japanese drama, and want to learn Japanese language so that I can watch it without subtitles. Relaxed lessons I have with my teacher every week helps me to understand it much faster. It is really fun to learn Japanese and I really recommend it. 

Lora, 26 years of age

I have studied Japanese language at the university, however the pace there was very fast and hard to understand. That is why I turned to Genki center, as they offer a great support additionaly to the university classes. Also, I have  a chance to speak to my own teacher in each session, really practicing the language and this way have a feeling I progress faster.  This helps me get better grades and am more confident in using Japanese in a daily basis. 

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