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JLPT Courses

JLPT Courses

Learning to get a certificate in Japanese Language Proficiency Test of JLPT? Then this is the right course for you. With a designated Japanese Language proficiency teacher we support you all the way in learning for the upcoming test.  

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Start at any level, either being a total beginner or already in the middle of the JLPT learning journey. 

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What Do Our Students Say About JLPT Course?


Mary, age 25

I really want to work in Japan and I know that knowing Japanese Language is one of the keys to be able to do that. That is why I started a JLPT program at Genki center, as they give me full support in learning the right way in order to pass the JLPT certificate. I am now studying a N1 level and am really proud of how far I have become. Thank you Genki center for supporting me on this journey. 

Paulina, age 21

I was learning alone at the begining and no matter how much I tried, I got stuck very quickly. Then I found Genki center and decided to give it a try. Now after a few months, I can say this way the best decision I made, as learning grammar and kanji in a structured way, gives me a lot of confidence that I am tackling the language well. 

Anton, age 37

JLPT knowledge is one of the requirements I need in order to work for our branch office in Tokyo. As I needed to speed up my Japanese language skills, I decided to contact Genki center. Very friendly and professional, they helped me gain the knowledge I needed. I am still adressing them each time, I need additional support with my knowledge, or brush things up. Compliments to the team. 

Tea, age 41

I started to learn Japanese out of fun. But as I like challenges and structure, as being a professor myself, I decided I would like to start taking JLPT tests to challenge myself. The teacher has become an amazing support in this. He prepares structured lessons with a great explanation, and I actually enjoy taking the tests. I am now learning for level N2 and am excited to see if I can pass it.