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Connect with others on your journey of learning Japanese Language. We offer small online group lessons throughout the year led by a professionalJapanese Language Teachers.

These courses are perfect for total beginners who want to benefit from personalized attention, active participation, diverse perspectives, and the confidence-building support of a close-knit group.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on your language learning adventure with others who share same interest. 


About this Course

These small group online Japanese language courses are specifically designed for individuals who are total beginners and wish to learn Japanese in a supportive, interactive, and personalized group setting.

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What Did Our Students Say About Us?


+1500 students who have been a part of our Group courses throughtout the years left with positive impressions about the courses. 

Jerry, age 34

I have been a part of learning a Japanese Language in a group of three for quite some time. I mostly like the dinamic of the group, as it helped me make new bonds with the people with the same interest as mine. I loved Monday evenings, when we meet regularly and can’t wait each week for the lessons to start. 

Leo, age 44

I used to be shy about speaking Japanese infront of other people, but the support of the group and teacher really helped me get out of my shell. I am still in the elarning process, but I feel much more confident in aproaching Japanese speaking people now and triking a conversation. 

Mischele, age 26

What I find most appealing in a Japanese class at Genki center is the approachability of the team. You can see how dedicated they are and how much they devote themselves to make the lessons really amazing. Not only Japanese language, but also I can ask them anything about the culture itself. This helped me understand Japan in more debth than simply borring grammar lessons I was used to at other language schools.