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Online Japanese Language school with professional teachers, individual learning and small size classes. We offer lessons for any need, being a study, business, travel or hobby.

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Individual / Small group


Individual Language Courses

Learn in a private environment with a private teacher at your own pace and flexible schedules.  Custome made lessons for all levels  of learning. Flexible topics for all levels of learning. One-on-one lessons are perfect for those who like to ask many questions and have a focus on their needs. 

Weekdays 9.00 – 20.00

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Small group Courses

Japanese group Classes help you learn Japanese with other students. Fun and friendly classes that motivate you to start using Japanese in your daily life.

Weekdays 9.00 – 20.00

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JLPT Courses

Want to pass Japanese Language proficiency test? Take your lectures from the comfort of your home. Suitable for all levels from N5 fo N1.

Weekdays 9.00 – 20.00


Travel Language and Culture Courses

This course is perfect for people who want to travel to Japan. Small interactive, live  lessons that incourage you to learn about Japanese language basics and culture.

Weekdays 9.00 – 20.00

Why Genki center?

Our Beginings

Our journey began in 2008 with the establishment of our first private Japanese Language and Culture Center. Initially offering live courses for small groups, we dedicated ourselves to promoting Japanese culture across Europe. Our efforts were recognized with a commendation from the Japan Minister of Foreign Affairs.


With a track record of assisting over 5,000 students in their Japanese language pursuits, we expanded our offerings in 2018 to include online classes. Our professional team covers N5 to N1 proficiency levels, ensuring comprehensive support. We provide free consultations and level assessments to tailor the right course for you.

Materials we use

We prepare our own materials that best suit your needs. However, we lean to Minna no Nihondo, Marugoto, Genki and Tobira for additional structure and support. We put strong emphais on your specific needs and tayor your course according to your goal.

Flexible scheduling

You can join at any time. Group lessons start every month, you can choose from morning, afternoon or evening classes. One lesson lasts for 50 minutes. We also offer private, JLPT and travel couses that are all available to you in regards to your time, budget and learning style.


About us

We are a linguistic and cultural center with a specially qualified team dedicated to communication and contacts with Japan. We provide services in the field of Japanese language and culture teaching, communication and intercultural rapprochement.

We are proud of the award of excellence, which is awarded by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to only selected educational institutions around the world.

As a professionally educated and dedicated team of Japonologists, sociologists and native speakers, we are in constant contact with Japanese  topics. We dedicate our working time entirely to this area and the number of hours that we have dedicated daily and synchronously to this topic for more than 13 years as one group of people under the same roof places us in its own category of specialized boutique offer.

From a specially adapted way of teaching language and culture to individuals and micro groups (maximum 5 people), we specialize in high quality learning aproaches. We are here to help you master the language, make contacts, understand foreign values and overcome obstacles.

“元気” (“元” : “gene” – origin | “気” : “ki” – energy, spirit)

Genki is a word of abstract meaning, conceptually rounding and combining “essential life force”, “well-being”, “animated will” and “healthy state”. We chose the name GENKI CENTER because we strive to bring customers to


What Did Our Students Say About Us?

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